Military ship at the hands of Artificial Intelligence

Andrey Chi de Robles
2 min readDec 21, 2020

This is a review of some artificial intelligence news that happened throughout the week.

The air force gave control of the navigation systems and sensors of a “Lockheed U-2” spy plane to an artificial intelligence system, making this the first flight in which a US plane is controlled by AI. To everyone’s peace of mind, it did not have control of the flight or weapons systems (for now). Their main task was to search for approaching missiles and launchers. Add that the system uses algorithms developed by DeepMind.

Weather models with artificial intelligence promise better forecasts

The weather forecast requires the most powerful computers in the world. These solve a huge number of algorithms to be able to predict temperature, wind, rain and other weather events. With the collaboration of the University of Washington and Microsoft Research they show how AI can analyze weather patterns to predict events more efficiently and in the future with better precision.

Classifying supernova explosions

With the application of artificial intelligence a team of astronomers from the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard and the Smithsonian have been classifying actual supernova explosions without the traditional use of spectra. By training a machine learning model to categorize supernovae based on their visible characteristics, astronomers were able to classify actual data for 2,315 supernovae with an 82 percent accuracy rate without the use of spectra.

Predicting possible cholera outbreaks

The combination of satellite data and machine learning techniques is helping to predict cholera outbreaks. Cholera is transmitted by drinking water contaminated with the bacterium Vibro Cholerae that is mainly found in coastal regions with tropical and densely populated areas, liking for warm temperatures, global warming increases the area of ​​action of cholera. A new study shows how to predict possible cholera outbreaks with a success rate of 89%.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have informed yourself of something new. See you in the next edition.



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